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Router Boss Features

Router Boss Features
Router Boss Features

Router Boss Features

If you Like Woodworking, You Will Love Router Boss
Router Boss is a multi-functional router jig and milling tool. In woodworking, it's all about good design, craftsmanship, and taking pride in what we produce. We need tools that allow us to work wood the way we want to. No other tool on the market gives woodworkers greater precision and freedom in creating beautiful woodwork than Router Boss.

Modern Design with Safety in Mind
For joinery operations, a wood router can be the most essential and versatile tool in your shop. You need a way, however, to manage both the router and the wood in a safe and precise way. Router Boss was engineered to closely control both the router and the wood, while not putting limits on the cuts you can make. With solid support for the router and wood, both the router and the wood can be nimbly maneuvered to make the cuts you need. You'll never experience the fatigue that comes from lifting and handling a bulky and heavy router. Plus, your woodworking will be more effective and enjoyable due to its capabilities and ease of use.

Equally important, Router Boss mitigates the risk of injury by keeping both the router and wood properly secured and eliminating any risk of kick-back. Your hands are never too close to the bit, and your cuts are made with full-on visibility that keeps you in control. Excellent dust extraction is another safety feature that keeps debris from obscuring your vision and eliminates mess.

So Many Functions, It's Really a Milling Tool
Router Boss has so many applications that it is in a class by itself. More than just a routing jig, Router Boss has versatility you will not find elsewhere. You can create all the joinery necessary for entire assemblies such as doors or drawers without the use of templates and specialized bits. Some of its more notable functions include:
  • Mortises
  • Tenons
  • Dovetails (all types)
  • Grooving
  • Edge profiles
  • Raising panels
  • Plus most other joinery

Expand Your Woodworking Possibilities
You're only limited by your own creativity when it comes to Router Boss. The best way to understand its full capabilities and why you need it to increase your woodworking quality and productivity is to view our online videos, look at the documents in the Information tab at top of page and read our product descriptions or you can Contact us to request your FREE Router Boss Information Kit. The kit includes a brochure and DVD.

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Click here to see how David Palmer, a UK toy maker, is using his Router Boss in a unique way in the production of toy wheels. We have started work on some exciting new projects. In early 2015 we will be introducing a new indexing (4th axis) accessory for ornamental milling on the Router Boss. We are also working on computer created templates for finger joints and we will be reintroducing the Router Boss Forum.

We are the first to offer Plane-Check a new digital tool to take the trial and error guesswork out of plane iron adjustment. It is also great for jointer knives. Read about it then watch the video.

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