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Router Boss 360 Compact
Router Boss 420 Standard
Router Boss 470 Extended with Digital Readout
Special: Accessory Package Deal
Aluminum Guide Rails
Variable Angle Guide Rails
Acrylic Router Plate with Laser/LEDs
Locator Pins for Variable Guides
Precision Stop
Flip Stop
Setup Gauge Bars
Plunge Assist Kit
Mortise Table Kit
Double Feather Board Kit
Riser Plate with Fence Kit (AKA Router Table)
Digital Depth Gauge Kit
Multi-angle Work Holder Kit
4th Axis Work Holder
Front Dust Chute
Fixed Fence with Textured Rubber
Moveable Fence for Cam
Front Rules and Story Boards
Base Plate Rules
Plastic Stops with Star Knobs
Yellow Locator Pins
Friction Clamp
Flanged Socket for Friction Clamp
Mortise Table Supports
Vice Clamp for Mortise Table
Eliminator RC Chuck for DeWalt 625 & EU routers
Eliminator RC Chuck for DeWalt 621, 616, 618
Eliminator RC Chuck for Porter Cable
Eliminator RC Chuck for Bosch
DeWalt 625 3 HP VS Plunge Router
PlungeBar A
PlungeBar C
Plungebar D
PlungeBar E
PlungeBar F
3 Pc Solid Carbide Spiral Bit Set
3 Pc Premium Dovetail Set
4 Pc HSS Dovetail Bit Set (Metric)
7 Pc Standard Dovetail Set
7 Pc TCT Dovetail Bit Set
3 Pc Vertical Panel Raiser Bit Set
Vertical Panel Raiser Bit Straight Profile
Vertical Panel Raiser Bit Ogee Profile
Vertical Panel Raiser Bit Cove Profile
1/4" Solid Carbide Spiral Bit
3/8" Solid Carbide Spiral Bit
1/2" Solid Carbide Spiral Bit
8-degree 1/4" HSS Dovetail Bit
8-degree 3/8" HSS Dovetail Bit
10-degree 9/16" HSS Dovetail Bit
Centering Bit
Aluminum WoodRat Guide Rails
Aluminum LittleRat Guide Rails
WoodRat Base Plate
WoodRat Router Plate
LittleRat Base Plate
LittleRat Router Plate
Dovetail Angle Gauges
Angle Cube -3rd Generation
4" Caliper reads mm/in/fractions
EZcal Calipers with Large Display
Absolute Origin Digital Calipers
6" Digital Caliper/Protractor Combo
Caliper Depth Measuring Base
Digital Multi-Gauge
Laser Guide
Aluminum Fixed Fences (Pair)
Mounting Kit
Router Boss Manual
Bristle Brush
Crank Cable (Wire)
Fine Credit Card Diamond Hone
Coarse Credit Card Diamond Hone
1/4" Reducing Sleeve
8mm Reducing Sleeve
5/32" T-handle Hex Driver
T-track Knuckle Clamp
Toggle Clamp
Top Cote Lubricant
Camillia Oil
WoodRat Demonstration Video
WoodRat Demonstration DVD
6" Chrome Steel Rule
6" Stainless Steel Rule
6" Spring-Tempered Steel Rule
6" Hook Spring-Tempered Steel Rule
6" Chrome Hook Rule
12" Stainless Steel Rule
12" Chrome Hook Rule
24" Stainless Steel Rule
Center/Bevel Finding Rule
12' Tape Measure
4' Left-to-Right Measure Stix
12' Left-to-Right Measure Stix
6' Right-to-Left Measure Stix
12' Right-to-Left Measure Stix
6" Combination Square
12" Combination Square
12" Combination Square with 3 Heads
4" Starrett Double Square
6" Double Square
2" Engineer Square
6" Engineer Square
Digital Wheel Gauge
Double Bevel Striking Knife
Japanese Awl
6" Sliding Bevel
Bevel Board & Center Finding Rule
Magnetic Base with Dial Indicator
Digital Indicator
Digital Height Gauge
Digital Plane-Check Gauge
Digital Protractors with Ruler
8" Digital Compass & Divider
Outside Caliper and Thickness Gauge
Point 2 Point Layout Tool
8 " Digital T-Bevel & Protractor
6pc Ashley Iles Bench Chisel Set
Baize Chisel Roll
8" Hand Made Rasp & Handle
Radius Plane
Magic Saw
Magic Saw Kit
5pc Spare Blades for Wood / Plastic
5pc Spare Blades for Metal
Magic-saw Diamond Blade
Magic-saw Flat Diamond Blade
Magic-saw Straight Blade
High Intensity LED Light with Zoom
Hands-Free Illuminated Magnifier
Fine/XFine Diafold Sharpner
Coarse/Fine Diafold Sharpner
Coarse/Fine/XFine Mini Hone Set
Coarse/Fine 10" Bench Stone
DuoSharp Base
Norton 1000/4000 Waterstone
Norton 8000 Waterstone
Vice Type Honing Guide
Ernie Conover's Sharpening DVD
Introducing Router Boss DVD
Deluxe Hearing Protector
Eye Protector
Sliding Bar Tongue (model 900)
LittleRat Sliding Bar Tongue (pair)
Parts Grab Bag
Center Plate (Button)
Spiral Set
Star Knob
Cam Lock Pawl (pair)
Complete Cam Lock
Dust Chute
Dust Chute with Cutter Block
Center Line Viewer
Raising Plate
Aluminum Stop
CRB7 Router Base Package
Digital Level & Protractor
2pc Combination Square Set
2pc Double Square Set
3pc Engineer Square Set
4" Double Square
6" Combination Square with Center Head
Origin-Cal Digital Caliper w/Bluetooth
Wheel Marking Gauge
Wheel Marking + Mortise Gauge
Digital Inside Caliper
12" Starrett Combination Square
Digital Snap-Check+
Snap-Check PRO
EZ-Align Alignment Gauge
Makita RP2301FC 3-1/4HP VS Plunge Router