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Digital Snap-Check Gauge

Digital Snap-Check Gauge Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 35-570
Price: $19.95
Shipping Weight: 0.50 pounds

Dialing in truly accurate machine setups can be a fussy, frustrating pain in the neck. The new SNAP-CHECK from iGaging makes tedious trial and error nightmares a thing of the past. You’ll be amazed at the shop-time you save setting up equipment that delivers the results you want.

SNAP-CHECK Makes Router, Table Saw, & Jointer Setups A SNAP! You’ll reach for the multi-purpose digital read-out SNAP-CHECK every time you need a precise measurement. On your router table SNAP-CHECK is the perfect tool to quickly set your fence to the exact location and to set your router bit to the perfect height. At the table saw, dial in perfect depth-of-cut settings for saw blades and dado stacks and also measure blade run-out. At the jointer, you’ll get instant depth of cut settings with a precision like never before.

Jointer. Did We Say Jointer? You betcha. SNAP-CHECK does way more than set your depth of cut. It makes the dreaded task of setting jointer knives sooo much easier. Leave your fussy dial indicator in the box. SNAP-CHECK’s base has powerful magnets to hold it securely on the outfeed table while you find top-dead-center then adjust jointer knives to precise alignment. You can also use SNAP-CHECK to make sure your infeed and outfeed tables are co-planer.

SNAP-CHECK Is Loaded With Great Features. This gauging instrument features rugged construction and reliable electronics. Its large readout window can display thousands of an inch, hundredths of a millimeter or fractions to 1/64”. It is accurate to .001”. The precision, spring-loaded plunger signals the reading in a range from minus 1/4” depth to a full 2” height. It comes standard with both flat and ball tip anvils and a spare battery. Strong magnets hold SNAP-CHECK in place on steel so you can make adjustments using both hands. It can be “zeroed out” with the push of a button and turns off automatically to save battery life.

Click on the video below to watch SNAP-CHECK in action. And you may also want to watch our PLANE-CHECK video for precise plane iron settings.