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24" Premium Straight Edge

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Part Number: 34-138-24"
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Made of hardened steel with a Satin Chrome finish, this 24” premium straight edge with a ruler from iGaging is precision ground and lapped to ensure that all edges are straight and parallel with true right angles. One edge of the straightedge is beveled and is precision laser engraved with black filled US standard graduations of 1/64 Inch increments.

A substantial straight edge and ruler, it has a hanging hole at one end and is packaged in a sturdy, protective imitation leather pouch.  It weighs 2 pounds and is 1-9/16” wide and 3/16” thick.  Accuracy is guaranteed to be within .002" (two-thousandths of an inch) over the length of the blade.

This straight edge is perfect for setting up machines, checking work for straightness and scribing and cutting straight lines.  Want to find out if your router table, jointer bed, or table saw tops are flat and true?  Want to check your freshly joined or planed stock for flatness?  Use anywhere in your shop that you need a check for flatness.

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