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Spindle Leg on 4th Axis Work Holder
Spindle Leg on 4th Axis Work Holder

4th Axis Work Holder

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Turn Your Router Boss into a Router Lathe
Now you can turn tapered table legs then add decorative details with this powerful new accessory for your Router Boss. Just chuck square stock and start milling as the blank spins between the supplied head and tailstock. With only a few step cuts, the square will be round. Taper the workpiece by positioning the bed rails at a slight angle.

But That's Only Part of the Story
The versatile Router Boss was designed to provide control of the cutter along the three axes of X (length), Y (width), and Z (depth). It is this design that makes many types of joinery possible. The new 4th Axis Work Holder adds a rotary axis for turning the workpiece. This axis is also called the A-axis. By controlling the cutter path simultaneously in the X, Y, Z, and A axes, a whole additional range of production work becomes possible.

2 Modes
Our 4th Axis Work Holder can be used either in an “indexing” or in a “continuous” manner. In indexing mode, the stock is milled while locked at some fixed degree increment. By contrast, in continuous machining, the stock is milled as the part is rotated.

You may wonder why you’d ever want anything but continuous machining, but plenty of work (perhaps even the majority of 4th axis work) is done simply with indexing. With the indexing head locked into position, routing operations occur along the X (or length) axis. In the video below, we cut lengthwise flutes in a spindle leg. The tool indexes each cut position in increments as small as 5° around the 360° rotation. For nine flutes the stock is rotated every 40° then the cutter makes the flute cuts.

It’s very powerful. Gerry Kmack of Cave Creek Woodworks uses the 4th Axis Work Holder index capabilities to create blanks of multi-colored wood that he then turns on his lathe into colorful ornaments. Click here to view Gerry's work.

Magnate Bits
However, 4th Axis continuous machining is the more fancy stuff. With continuous machining, you can machine shapes on Router Boss that would otherwise be impossible or very difficult such as work typically requiring a lathe. In our video, we shape a round, tapered spindle leg from a square blank. You can also add variety to your work with plunge-style router bits up to 2-1/4" diameter from Magnate designed for the Legacy Ornamental Mill. Very accurate positioning is possible with the Router Boss digital readouts.

Adding the optional 4th Axis Work Holder to your Router Boss provides another axis that you can work with. It makes your Router Boss more diverse in work it is capable of doing.

What's Included?
Click here to view instructions and parts list. Sherline makes the index head, tailstock, and bed in California to our specifications.

Headstock Adapter
Both a polycarbonate headstock adapter for up to 2-1/8" square stock and a faceplate are included. Use either to mount the workpiece to the index head. You can also purchase standard chucks from Sherline for the index head.

Click on the video below to watch the 4th Axis Work Holder in action. 

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