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Setup blocks are just what you need for precise machine setups in your shop.

James Hamilton of Stumpy Nubs demonstrates ways Setup Blocks can be used.

These masterfully crafted Bench Ssquares have many practical uses.

James Hamilton shows how Bench Squares can be used for layout and machine setup.

All iGaging calipers have great features. Choose between analog and digital models.

The Fastener-Cal caliper displays fractional measurements in either 1/32nd or 1/128th measurements.

James Hamilton picks the Fastener-Cal caliper and Fractional Dial caliper as his favorites in this video review.

The Origin-Cal caliper with Bluetooth from iGaging has outstanding features.

Take quick, accurate digital measurements of flat, curved, rounded or irregular shapes with RollBot.

Accuracy & Repeatability with DeWalt DW735/DW734 portable planer digital.

Use this Angle Cube to read either actual level or a relative angle between two surfaces.

SNAP-CHECK+ makes router, table saw, & jointer setups a SNAP!

Snap-Check PRO features a large, easy to read dial indicator for machine setups.

James Hamilton reviews iGaging squares and compares them with Starrett.

With Plane-Check, precise plane iron settings are a snap.

The Magic Saw is an innovative new saw with a replaceable blade for every purpose.

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