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Special: Accessory Package Deal

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Your Price: $375.00
Part Number: 12-100
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This package bundles 5 of our Router Boss accessories at a 10% savings. It includes:
1. A Mortise Table with two L Clamps and the associated hardware required to mount the Mortise Table either horizontally for cutting mortises & grooves along the length of a board or vertical for cutting tenons, miters & other joinery on the end of a workpiece. The Mortise Table is our most versatile work holder.
2. A T-track Knuckle Clamp used to secure workpieces to the Mortise Table when it is mounted vertically. It can clamp a workpiece against either the included fence or locator-pins positioned at miter angles of 15°, 22.5°, 30°, and 45°. 
3. A Riser Plate with Fence Kit includes two adjustable MDF fences that close next to the router bit to provide “zero clearance” when profiling the edge of a workpiece. It raises the router by ¾” and increases the cut depth to 2” (rather than 1-1/4”) when the profile bit is in the dust chute. Also, included is a feather board to keep work against the fence.
4. A Double Feather Board that supports a workpiece under the base plate during profiling and operations where you push the workpiece through the bit. Also included is a broad Bristle Brush (custom made for us) used to support a workpiece for dados and crosscuts. The brush is cam clamped while the double feather board uses the machine T-tracks.
5. A Micro-adjustable Precision Stop that fits in the T-tracks of our guide rails and operates against a stop rod that inserts into the router guide rail holes. We include two green plastic stops with the machine for use in either the guide rails or in taps located in the base plate to control the front/rear movement of the router. But, the plastic stops are not micro-adjustable for fine-tuning a cut such as cheeks of a tenon. A quarter-turn of the Precision Stop head is ¼ mm or 1/100”, which makes for precise work. You can use one precision stop with one of the included green plastic stops or, optionally, use two precision stops for both front and rear adjustment.

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