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Angle Cube -3rd Generation

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This latest 3rd generation digital Angle Cube is equipped with a rechargeable battery.

Just plug it into a computer using the supplied USB cord or use any available USB charger, such as for a mobile phone. It also has enhanced ip54 dust and moisture protection plus a faster display. And you can now choose either a standard model, standard with backlight, or a model with Bluetooth connectivity and backlight.

Just dial it in, and you’re done. Use this Angle Cube to read either actual level or a relative angle between two surfaces. You’ll discover that precision setups for your table saw, jointer, miter saw, and other shop equipment is a lot easier. Equipped with two rare earth magnets on three sides, it will cling to vertical surfaces such as a saw blade or jointer fence. The LCD digital display shows the precise tilt of the blade with a resolution of 0.05 degrees. Plus, while the Angle Cube is on your saw blade, it continuously displays the changing blade angle as you turn your hand crank to dial-in the perfect setting.

Even more handy features. Control buttons let you “zero” out the cube display on a surface before taking a relative bevel reading on your saw blade. The “Hold” button on standard models keeps your text displayed until it is pressed again to enable new readings. And this Angle Cube can display tilt percentage; a must-have feature for surveyors, construction managers, and civil engineers. This feature expresses the incline slope as a percentage of 45°.

Capture and save your measurements. With the available Bluetooth option, you can export the current data reading directly into spreadsheets, text documents, and CAD programs with the push of a button. With CAD application, this means you can rapidly and accurately transfer a series of data readings directly into the application, saving time, and eliminating keying errors.

Accuracy: 0.2°
Repeatability: 0.1°

From the web: Peter Sefton finds ten uses for a digital angle gauge

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