Design Tool for Symmetrical Dovetails

Using a dovetail bit for sockets and a straight bit for pins

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Symmetrical Dovetail Layout
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Center line of Cut
Center line of Cut


Create virtual dovetail templates with this online design tool

This tool creates a cut pattern that, when affixed to Router Boss's rulers, controls the cutting of a dovetail joint. With symmetrical dovetails any set of pins fits any set of sockets, so there is no need to track which board end goes with which other board end. Unlike with hardware templates, the design tool imposes no limitations. Choose any bits, board width, and number of pins and pin spacing. You can adust for tightness of fit by increasing (less tight) or decreasing (tighter) the Guide Rail Setting.

Create and Affix Template
After you enter your board width and select options then click the Ruler Template button to print your cut pattern on self adhesive paper stock. Cut out the pattern (template) and affix it to the Router Boss ruler.

Create Template
Zero Cursor and DRO
Clamp socket board to sliding bar. Position laser crosshair at edge of board then position a cursor at the zero mark on the template and press the zero button on the digital readout (DRO). Turn the crank to move the cursor to first cut line. Note that a DRO reading is printed on the template at each cut line. Use the DRO to confirm cursor positioning and adjust if necessary.

Zero Cursor

Cut Sockets First then Pins
For the socket cuts the variable guide rails should be at zero degrees. Chuck the selected dovetail bit and set router plunge depth (using the pin board). Turn crank to align the cursor on each cut line and make the socket board cuts. Then set the variable guide rails to the dovetail bit slope angle. Clamp the pin board, chuck the selected straight bit and set plunge depth (using the socket board). Turn crank to again position the cursor at each cut line and make the pin cuts (as in user manual).

Cut Joint

Using the cursor and DRO it is possible to repeat the same cuts again and again with extreme accuracy resulting in tight fitting joints. The crank provides mechanical advantage and rapid positioning of the sliding bar and work piece. For fine adjustments we now offer a micro-adjuster (see right picture).

This is version 1.5