Guide Rail Setting Calculator (for dovetail pins)

1> Select a Dovetail Bit Width measurement:  millimeters  inches 

2> Select a Dovetail Bit Width: 

3> Select a Dovetail Bit Angle: 

4> Select a Straight Bit Width: 


Guide Rail Setting: 

In making dovetail joints, a big advantage of the Router Boss machine is that it can use any dovetail and straight bit combination. You choose the bits, not the machine.

No dovetail jig can make this statement. Bit geometry is part of the jig architecture. Some jigs, such as the Akeda, may even require slightly oversize or undersize straight bits to adjust for tightness of fit. Not so with the Router Boss. All you need is a guide rail setting and your machine is ready to cut dovetails using your existing bits or any bit that you may buy.

The Router Boss manual provides settings for some bit sizes. If you are using other bits then our calculator will give you the correct guide rail settings. These setting are only for use when cutting dovetail pins.

After you position both guide rails to the appropriate setting, cut a trial pin and test fit. Slight adjustment of the setting will change tightness of fit. For tighter fitting pins move to a higher setting. To loosen fit move to a lower setting. Repeat the same settings whenever you use the same bits.