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IPIC 12" Bevel/Center Finder Rule

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A bevel setting board and height gauge on one side plus a 12" rule and center- finding rule on the other side.

The bevel setting board is designed to precisely set or read a sliding bevel. You position your sliding bevel against the edge of the bevel setting board at the desired angle then set the sliding bevel to that angle. To find out what angle a piece has, set your sliding bevel to the angle of the piece then slide the sliding bevel up and down the bevel board until you get an exact match.

The bevel setting board has generous spacing between its sharp, black etched lines and numbers. Plus, it has distinct ½ degree marks and ¼ degree dots for easy reading. Made of hardened stainless steel with a satin chrome finish. The bevel board can also be used in other ways, including setting a bandsaw bevel, angled drilling, drawing parallel and square lines, and in router table, shaper, and table saw setups.

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