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CRB7 MHLF Attachment

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The CRB7 MHLF is an attachment to the underside of the CRB7 router base.  It is used in guiding the cutting of mortises or hinge or lock rebates safely and accurately. The heart of the attachment is in its two jaws.  One is fixed to the base using the supplied screws.  The second is movable with locking knobs and a micro adjust wheel.
It is easy to setup the MHLF for a groove or mortise by just placing the fixed jaw against the workpiece and sliding the adjustable jaw into place, functioning much like a clamp.  The CRB7 base's adjustment mechanism then lets you position the router bit once the MHLF guide is in place. The MHLF can also be used for fluting panels up to 7 inches wide.

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