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8" Digital Compass & Divider

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This precision tool can function either as a digital compass or divider. It features a large LCD that gives you digital readings in inches, inches with fractions, and metric. Use it as a compass to scribe circles or arcs, or use it to step out equal measurements. Package includes a CR2030 battery, replaceable points, a sturdy plastic case, and a tube of lead.

Quicker and easier to use than older mechanical compasses and dividers. Pull the legs apart then make a fine adjustment with the center wheel. The digital display is easier to read than a ruler measurement, plus it is more precise. You can also convert the display between decimal, fractional inch, and metric.

By using the zero button between 2 measurements, the display will do the subtraction or addition and tell you the precise difference. It is easy to switch from divider to compass mode.

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