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Digital Depth Gauge Kit

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An economical electronic digital scale that can be mounted on a DeWalt 625 router to display router plunge depth. Alternatively, it can also be mounted on our Router Boss guide rails to display a crosscut position. It reads three ways with a choice of .01mm, .001", or 1/64" resolution and instant zero for "deviation" measurement. It measures from a starting zero point, such as the top or edge of the board. All required hardware and instructions are included. No drilling or tapping of the router is needed.

Some adaptation may be required for routers other than DeWalt 625. When mounted on the guide rails, the scale may need to be removed for some operations.

Alternatively, our setup gauge blocks, guide rails, and adjustable stops can set router plunge depth and crosscut positioning for most operations. However, actions, such as the centering of a lock-miter bit at the exact center of a board, requires incremental positioning. Adding this digital scale provides an 'at a glance' display in precise increments.

See assembly diagram

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