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8 " Digital T-Bevel & Protractor

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Working With Angles Has Never Been This Easy Or Precise

Woodworkers are said to work in a “square and parallel” world. But there are many times when angles other than 90 come into play, often complicating the work. IGaging, known for its low cost, high quality, digital measurement tools, now offers the T-Bevel Protractor. This tool solves many problems when working with angles. It allows you to find angles, set angles, and transfer angles to a level of precision and repeatability never before available to home craftsmen. Imagine working confidently with angles to a level of accuracy of just two-tenths of a degree. With the T-Bevel Protractor, it’s fast and easy.

Loaded With Features. This digital protractor is as rugged as it is accurate. Both the blade and T-bar are stainless steel over 1/8” thick. The heavy-duty blade is more than an inch wide. You can lock the T-bar and blade firmly with just a twist of the generously-sized, stainless steel, knurled knob. The large, bright, digital readout display is very easy to read, even for aging eyes. You can “zero out” the tool with the press of a button. Press and hold the “Reverse” button, and the display turns the numbers in your direction. Importantly, the display automatically turns off after five minutes to conserve battery power and shows the last setting when turned back on. You get a spare battery with each tool, and replacement batteries are commonly available, assuring your tool will provide years of service.

Applications In Your Shop. You’ll find the T-Bevel Protractor has many applications in your shop. It’s a must-have layout tool for any angle between 0° and 180°, and it is more accurate for 90° and 45° than most squares. Use it to check project parts for square or any desired angle. Use it to precisely adjust your table saw slot miter gauge. Use it to set your miter saw angle. Confirm your project parts are square during dry assembly and more.

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