Attached are several pics of of blanks that I have made using the 4th axis accessory on my Router Boss, as well as the finished products made from these blanks. In the 1st picture 5 blanks were turned into the 5 beads shown. For reference, the beads are ~1.25" long.


The next pic shows a group of larger blanks, constructed from a variety of exotic hardwoods. Note that there are both 8- and 12-pointed stars, created by using 90 & 60 deg v groove bits, and rotating the 4th axis by 45 or 30 degrees. 


The next pic is of another blank, one that I made to test the practical maximum diameter of the jig. The inner core (cut using the 4th axis jig) is 3" in diameter. I could have made it even larger, but didn't have any thicker stock

Large Blank

The remaining pics are of completed pieces made from the 4th axis cores.