I have owned my Router Boss since 2009 and have done many projects using it. Doors, drawers, boxes, furniture joints, and more. Here I show two.

One of my earliest projects was a dark mahogany round table incorporating a brass porthole. The porthole is salvage from a US Navy Forrest Sherman class destroyer. The design of the table has a nautical theme with the wood having the look of shipboard woodwork. Also, the shape of the legs evokes the form of a ship's capstan. I made the piece really to celebrate my 27 year Navy career. The Router Boss was vital in making the sliding dovetail joints that provide the strength and appearance of the table.

The second project is a table base I recently completed during the shelter at home period here in Colorado. It is a simple design with a bunch of mortise and tenon joints easy to make on the Router Boss. The connection is that the mahogany for the little project was from the porthole table. As you can see, it has a clear finish rather than a dark stain.

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