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Hands-Free Illuminated Magnifier

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More Clarity and Light Is Important. It is no secret that as we age, a little assistance in the vision department can be helpful.  But sometimes, even the healthiest eyes need help focusing on fine details found in most projects. Illuminated magnification is the perfect answer when you need to see the smallest details.

The Twin-Mag Has All The Features You Want. The best magnifier solution is a hands-free unit since many tasks require both hands to get the job done right. iGaging’s new, Twin-Mag magnifier is just the ticket. It features a sizeable 4-power magnification disk with an embedded eight power spot for extra close work. Even better, it has 12 LED lights around its circumference. And, it can be used hands-free.

The Twin-Mag base features a powerful magnet and a sturdy steel base plate. It can stand on its own or stand it on any steel or cast iron surface. And as a bonus, the base can also be used as a center-finding rule and angle gauge.  The Twin-Mag also features a flexible arm that immediately locks in any position.

High-Quality Magnification and Illumination. The 3-1/2” diameter double convex magnification lens provides a sharp focus, wide field of view on to a large area below. The optical quality of this lens is fantastic, and even the 8-power spot is a wide-angle.  Surrounding the premium optical lens are 12, ultra-bright LEDs that supply built-in illumination.  The brilliant, 360-degree lighting casts no shadows or dark spots on your work.  This amazingly versatile magnifier is excellent for all types of projects.

Built to Last. The Twin-Mag runs on 3 AAA batteries making it not only hands-free but cord-free as well.  Just stick the magnetic base to any metal surface or its base plate, and you are ready to go to work.  The Twin-Mag is built to last offering quality features and lasting value. Add it to your shop, office, or home today.

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