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iGaging Combination Square

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The combination square has been the “go-to” square for most woodworkers since your grandpa started cutting wood.  This multi-function measuring and marking tool feature three precision-machined faces on the head at 90°, 45°, and a face parallel to the blade.  

Use it as a square, a miter square, a depth gauge, or to reference level and plumb using the built-in spirit bubble vial.  It also features a hardened steel scribe tool that threads into the head so it can’t fall out like other combination squares.  The blade is laser engraved with four precision scales on hardened steel with a satin chrome finish for ease of readability.  The scales are 1/8”, 1/16, 1/32” and 1/64”.

For a limited time, you can purchase a set of 12” and 6” squares at a special low price.  . 

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