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If you use a router you're going to love Router Boss, especially if every project seems to require another router jig. Router Boss converts an ordinary plunge router into a precision milling machine for wood that is capable of grooving, profiling edges, raising panels and cutting almost any wood joint, including mortise-and-tenon and dovetail joints, without the use of hardware templates or specialized jigs and bits.

George Vondriska of Woodworkers Guild of America explains the advantage of multi-purpose router jigs such as Router Boss. The usability and the compactness of Router Boss makes it well suited for the small-shop woodworker.


James Hamilton of Stumpy Nubs demonstrates making a set of drawers for his shop using the Router Boss.

James Hamilton of Stumpy Nubs demonstrates making a raised panel cabinet door using the Router Boss.

Why purchase cookie-cutter hardware templates that restrict choices when you can create virtual templates on Router Boss with almost unlimited choices. Create a template using our browser-based application. Print and affix the template to Router Boss's rulers. Align our cursor with the template, to precisely guide the cutting of finger joints or dovetail joints. With digital readout verification, +/- .001" accuracy is possible.

Adding the optional 4th Axis Work Holder to your Router Boss provides another axis to work with and makes your Router Boss more diverse in the work it is capable of doing. The tool can be used either in an “indexing” mode or in a “continuous” mode. We demonstrate both to create a tapered spindle leg. Also, take a look at how Gerry Kmack uses the indexing feature.

5 reasons 5 reasons to check out Router Boss:

  • You want to work wood with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability;
  • You want complete creative control rather than the limits and sameness of 'cookie-cutter' jigs;
  • You require tools that are safe to operate and that collect most of the dangerous fine dust;
  • You choose well-built tools having the best technology;
  • You want knowledgeable support when you have questions plus a no-quibble guarantee.

Watch to see how Router Boss precisely controls BOTH the router and the wood to create ALL the joinery for entire assemblies such as doors and drawers.

Franck Macquart provided a French-language video on dovetail joinery with the Router Boss.

Otis Charles, a UK woodworker, and a new Router Boss owner made this assembly video for sharing with other new owners. Assembly follows our exploded-view diagrams.

Otis shows how to attach the router and plunge assist kit to the Router Boss router plate.

Frank Mutchler explains machine setup for dovetails.
The tails are cut first with a dovetail bit, and then the pins are cut next with a straight bit. Our variable angle guide rail settings determine the angle and width of the pins.  Watch the James Hamilton video above for a demonstration on cutting the pins and tails.

Frank Mutchler demonstrates the mounting of mortise table.
The mortise table is a versatile work holder with t-tracks that mounts to the sliding bar for holding work horizontally, vertically or at miter angles under the Router Boss base plate.

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