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Router Boss

Router Boss is not your typical jig. You have the freedom to work the way you want to make your woodworking vision come to life.
Video length: 8:14

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James Hamilton of Stumpy Nubs demonstrates making a set of drawers for his shop using the Router Boss.  There are multiple ways to cut the dovetails, grooves and profiles required in drawer construction.  In making his set of drawers James shows you the best ways he has found and clearly explains the techniques.
Video length: 12:52

In this extended video watch to see how Router Boss precisely controls BOTH the router and the wood to create ALL the joinery for entire assemblies such as doors and drawers.  It’s surprisingly easy to cut mortises, tenons, dovetails, miters, grooves, edge profiles, raised panels and other joinery. Enhance your productivity, reduce your risk of injury and make your woodworking more precise and enjoyable with Router Boss.
Video length: 22:42

George Vondriska of Woodworkers Guild of America explains the advantage of multi-purpose router jigs such as Router Boss..
Video length: 16:31

Unlike most jigs, Router Boss is not a "one trick pony". With the versatility that Router Boss brings to your shop you can be a faster, better and more efficient woodworker.

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Only with Router Boss can you create design templates on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Affix the printed template to Router Boss's rulers to guide the cutting of finger joints or dovetail joints. Unlike hardware templates, our design tools impose almost no limitations.
Video length: 8:25

Finger Joint Design Tool
Dovetail Design Tool

Router Boss offers several work holder options and we now offer a new 4th Axis Work Holder. In this video we demonstrate using the 4th Axis work holder to create a tapered spindle leg.
Video length: 8:49

Also take a look at how Gerry Kmack uses the indexing feature and how Larry Thomson turns legs for his walnut table and Larry also further discusses his 4th Axis experience.

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Otis Charles is a UK woodworker and a Router Boss owner. When he received his Router Boss in early 2014 he asked if we had a video to supplement the assembly instructions in manual. We suggested that he make an assembly video to share with other new owners ...and he did.
Length: 20:45

Otis shows how to attach the router and plunge assist kit to the Router Boss router plate.
Length: 10:22

Frank Mutchler (one of our first customers) who made this and the following videos in 2009 demonstrates how he cuts tenons.
Length: 10:16

Update Note: Instead of shop made stops consider our new flip-stop with cap-screw stops

Frank Mutchler demonstrates how he setups mortise table.
Length: 6:39

Update Note: We recommend mounting using the tapped #2 & #5 holes. The t-track table can also be mounted horizontally or vertically without the back spine. In vertical mount, locator pins can precisely position the work at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30° or 45° for miter joints

Frank Mutchler demonstrates how he cuts mortises.
Length: 8:43

Frank Mutchler demonstrates his setup for cutting dovetails.
Length: 13:34

Update Note: Binding bolt moves in a slot and should be snug, but never tight

Frank Mutchler demonstrates his EZ-PZ dovetail technique.
Length: 16:10

Update Note: You can now layout perfect symmetrical dovetails on your computer using our online design tool plus our new micro-adjuster provides both fine adjustment and locking of the sliding bar