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Micro-Adjust Wheel Marking Gauge

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Precision Joinery Starts With Crisp, Accurate Layout Lines There are numerous wheel marking gauges out there but you’d be hard pressed to find one with all the quality and features you want at this amazing low price.  iGaging’s new Micro Wheel Marking gauge is, simply put, a great value! 

Take A Look At All These Features:

  • Solid Brass Fence
  • 2 HSS Wheel Cutters
  • Full-Function Depth Gauge
  • Rugged Steel Shaft
  • Knurled Micro-Adjust Ring
  • 6" Gauging Capacity
  • 1/32" Imperial Scale
  • 1 mm Metric Scale
  • 2 Knurled Locking Knobs

Dial In Your Setting With Micro-Adjust Wheel. After positioning the fence near your desired location, lock the gross adjustment knob in place. Now use the fine-threaded micro-adjustment wheel to achieve the precise setting you want. Each full turn of the ring moves the fence 1/32” so a half-turn is 1/64” and a quarter turn is a tiny 1/128”. Lastly, lock the micro-adjust knob and you’re ready to mark your joinery layout. 

Why Marking Gauges Are Superior To Pencil Lines. When you look at the width of even a fine pencil line it’s actually fat compared to crisp cut of a wheel cutter. Plus, the geometry of the Wheel cut pulls the fence to the stock and provides a tiny groove to guide your saw or chisel ON THE WASTE SIDE of your joint. Furthermore, wheel cutters cleanly slice the wood fibers leaving no tear-out, even on tough end grain.

Step Up Your Joinery Game Today. Start laying out your joints with iGaging’s Micro-Marking Gauge and get an immediate advantage to achieve those tight fitting joints so important for quality woodworking.

Want a Dual-Cutting Mortise-and-Tenon Marking Gauge?  See iGaging's Wheel Marking & Mortise Gauge

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