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Router Boss

New Watch to see how Router Boss precisely controls BOTH the router and the wood to create ALL the joinery for entire assemblies such as doors and drawers.  Itís surprisingly easy to cut mortises, tenons, dovetails, miters, grooves, edge profiles, raised panels and other joinery. No voice over, pictures tell the story.
Video length: 11:02
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Alternatively, view a more lengthy demonstration video with a voice over discussion of Router Boss features.
Video length: 22:42
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The Router Boss made it's debut at the 2008 IWF show in Atlanta. Popular Woodworking did this video interview.
Video length: 8:11
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Frank Mutchler (one of our first customers) demonstrates how to:
Cut Tenons - Length: 10:16
Setup Mortise Table - Length: 6:39
Cut Mortises - Length: 8:43
Setup For Cutting Dovetails - Length: 13:34
Cut EZ-PZ Dovetails - Length: 16:10
Tips & Tricks - Length: 13:30
Disassembly of Router Boss - Length: 4:33
Reassembly of Router Boss - Length: 8:27
His 2009 videos do not show new flip stop, micro-adjuster, & dovetails using computer templates

Special Buys

Multi-purpose Magic Saw cuts effortlessly through an amazing range of materials including metal, wood, glass, tile, hard plastic, rope, etc.
Video length: 3:26
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