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Mortise Table on Router Boss
Mortise Table on Router Boss

Mortise Table Kit

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Part Number: 12-250

An adjustable height/tilt mortising platform (31” long by 7” wide), with 5 T-tracks and two L-clamps/stops, that provides horizontal work holding for cutting on the face or edge of a workpiece. It attaches to Router Boss's sliding bar providing power feed capabilities when cutting mortises, grooves, and flutes. A cutout in the back spine provides for crosscut operations, and a V-slot allows for round object clamping. In addition to horizontal work holding, a slot in the platform enables boards up to 3.5" width to be clamped vertically for cuts on the end of the board (requires an optional T-track clamp). This option provides the unique capability to cut both a mortise and a mating tenon with the same setup.

As an additional option, the mortising platform T-track can be separated and attached vertically directly to the sliding bar providing extra work holding capabilities for miters, half-laps, raised panels, or other joinery with the wood secured by T-track clamps either vertically or at an angle. With this setup, included locator pins can effortlessly position the work at 15°, 22.5°, 30°, and 45° angles.

You can shop-make a simple mortise rail from wood or MDF with plans in our manual, but our aluminum mortise table provides more function and unique versatility.

See the assembly diagram.

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