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Planer Digital

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Accuracy & Repeatability for Your DeWalt DW735/734 Portable Planer

No More Guessing or “Pretty Close”! With the new Digital Planer Readout from IGaging, you’ll be able to accurately plane rough lumber to within 1/100ths of an inch thickness and be able to repeat that exact thickness setting at a later time for subsequent boards.

  • Quickly match board thickness to an existing dado or groove without repetitive test fits.
  • Dial-in the perfect planer depth setting every time to provide the most efficient planer performance.
  • Work in decimal inches, fractions, or millimeters to fit how you work.
  • Use absolute or incremental measuring mode.

Quickly Attaches to Your DeWalt Planer. The IGaging Digital Readout mounts directly over the existing thickness scale using the same mounting holes and quickly mates the new scale to the old with little fuss. Calibration takes only seconds using our 2-button calibration system and a freshly planed board. The lighted digital display with large characters offers easy readability in any work environment.
Digital on Planer

Constructed with Precision Machined Metal Parts, the Digital Readout is designed to last for many years with no concerns of fatigue or need to recalibrate. The Digital Readout Unit (DRO) itself is a very precise and durable unit made with quality parts. It uses standard 2032 watch-type batteries that will offer hundreds of hours of uninterrupted use. The DRO is also set to turn off after 5 minutes without use, but will return to the previous reading with a touch of a button.

Never Worry About Job Site Downtime. Simply connect the DRO to an optional external rechargeable battery bank that has a USB port. 

  • Stainless Steel Scale
  • Measuring Range: 0-6"
  • Resolution: 0.0005 inch / 0.01mm / 64th inch
  • Accuracy: 0.001"
  • Battery: CR2032 / Micro USB AC power
Order Your IGaging Digital Planer Readout today and take the guesswork out of perfect, repeatable accuracy from your DW735 portable planer.

Mounting on older DeWalt 734

Install Note
: Discard the extra fasteners included in the package; they are for other installs.  Also included are two 3mm spacers and very high bond tape.  Apply the VHB tape to both sides of the spacers, then to the existing rule and the planer digital per the instructions.

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