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15 pc Setup Bar Set

15 pc Setup Bar Set Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 12-235
Price: $59.95
Shipping Weight: 1.80 pounds

Set Up Your Machines with Speed, Precision and Confidence

15 Precision-Machined Bars Make Equipment Setups A Breeze
These anodized aluminum setup bars are just what you need for precise machine setups in your shop. They beat measurements using a ruler hands down. Why? A physical representation of a desired measurement is both highly reliable and takes no time at all. Frustrating trial and error setups will be a thing of the past. You’ll reach for them when setting up your table saw, bandsaw, drill press, router table, router and more. You’ll also use two special bars when working with plywood. One is 15/32” and the other 23/32”, the thickness of so called ” and ” plywood respectively.

Hundreds Of Measurements From Combined Bars. 
Don’t think of Setup Bars as only single measurement gauges. Their value expands exponentially when you combine individual bars to make hundreds of precise measurements. The smallest seven bars increase in 1/32” increments from 1/16” to ”. The next four are in 1/16” increments from 5/16” to ”. Use any of these along with the ” bar to reach 31/32”. From there, use the 1” by 2” by 3” so you can keep going. You can also gang bars end to end or side by side for longer measurements since each is precisely 3” long and ” thick. And none of these combinations have included the special 23/32” and 15/32” bars. You’ll also appreciate the handy Imperial engraved scales on the 1”x2”x3” bar in 1/32” increments.

Setting New Heights! 
Setup Bars are indispensible for setting the height of tooling on many machines. And they perform with accuracy and speed just not possible when “eyeballing” measurement scales on rulers. On a plunge router, simply zero-out the bit on your bench, then slip the Setup Bar between the depth stop and the depth setting rod. Use the same trick for setting depth of hole you want to bore on your drill press. These operations are completed in seconds, as well as with router bit or blade height settings at your router table and table saw. 

So Simple, So Essential. 
Put Setup Bars to work in your shop for the multiple uses described here and delight in discovering many more. You’ll quickly conclude you can’t get along without them. 

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