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Digital Level & Protractor

Digital Level & Protractor Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 30-141
Price: $39.95
Shipping Weight: 0.95 pounds
Bluetooth - Add $15

Choose either Standard model or one with Bluetooth connectivity.

This Amazing Digital Level & Protractor is a digital inclinometer that reads either actual level or a relative angle between two surfaces. It’s equipped with three rare earth magnets on the bottom of its 6” length.  It has an extra-large LCD digital display that is backlit and displays readings ¾” tall.

You can quickly toggle between the level function– which can display a full 360° of rotation– and the % tilt function, which displays a % grade or any rise/run calculation and shows the precise tilt with a resolution of 0.05” degrees. The tool is so easy and accurate to use it almost feels like cheating!  

Even More Handy Features. This new digital tool is equipped with rechargeable battery functionality. Just plug the supplied USB cord into a computer or you can use any USB charger. It features i65 dust and moisture protection and a fast display. Control buttons let you “zero” out the tool for dead nuts accuracy. The “Hold” button on standard model keeps your reading displayed until it is pressed again to enable new readings.

Send Data to Your Phone or PC. Select the Bluetooth connectivity option and you can capture measurement data to your smart phone, tablet or laptop or any device that accepts Bluetooth input.  With each click of a button the tool sends its current reading to a Word document, spreadsheet, email, CAD program or any application that accepts keyboard input.