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RollBot Tapeless Measuring

RollBot Tapeless Measuring Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 34-170
Price: $22.00
Shipping Weight: 0.32 pounds

Digital Accuracy for All Your Measuring Needs

Take quick, accurate digital measurements of flat, curved, rounded or irregular shapes with RollBot.
  • Roll it over a surface to measure it
  • Starts and stops measuring at the touch of a button
  • Measures in either decimal or fractional inches, or decimal metric increments
  • Easy-to-use mode settings to compensate for measuring into corners
  • In addition to linear measurements, you can determine the area of rectangular objects like table tops and measure lumber in board feet
  • For turning blanks, tree limbs and any other cylindrical object, you can quickly determine the diameter of the cylinder, as well as calculate the surface area
There is also a M2.5 marking scribe that can be lowered into positon to trace your measurements
Smaller than a 12' rule, the RollBot measures up to 144" with 1/32 (0.01") resolution in either direction.