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Bench Squares

Bench Squares Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 34-290
Price: $35.00
Shipping Weight: 0.75 pounds
4" - $35
7" - $40
4" & 7" - $69

Triangle Squares for Woodworkers
Triangle Squares have been used by carpenters for 100 years.  An essential tool in carpentry they can be used as a try square, miter square, protractor, line scriber and saw guide.  But carpenter squares are thickset and lack the fineness needed for bench work such as joinery and furniture making.

Well, we have some good news.
iGaging has taken on the challenge of developing Bench Squares that are as versatile as a Swiss Army Knife and as beautifully crafted as a Roy Underhill Revolving Windsor Chair.

Versatile, Precise, Easy to Use
These new Bench Squares have a thin stainless-steel body, precise easy-to-read markings and other features that woodworkers will appreciate.  Available in both a 4" and 7" size, you will be amazed at how many practical uses these masterfully crafted squares have in your shop including:
  • Joinery Layout
  • Machine Setup
  • Try Square, Miter Square or Protractor
  • Measuring and Marking
The squares are CNC machined, laser engraved and loaded with great features including:
  • Thin 2mm stainless steel body
  • Matte non-glare finish
  • Blue anodized aluminum base
  • Inch rules on both the square and base
  • 1/32" and 1/16" fractional graduations
  • 1 angle graduations + 22.5 and 67.5
  • Multiple-reference points for angles
  • Complementary angles on the 7"
  • Affordable prices, only $35 and $40
The Sketchup drawings below give you an idea of what these Bench Squares can do ...but nothing beats holding one in your own hands as you dive into your woodworking project.

Joinery: So Easy to Accurately Mark Your Joint Layout

The 1/2" tall base of the Bench Square has 1/4" and 3/8" offsets on opposite sides of the base with ruler markings on the 1/4" side.  On dressed 3/4" stock the mortises and cheeks for 1/4" tenons can be effortlessly marked using the 1/4" offset.

And with the 3/8" offset you can easily mark the exact center of 3/4" stock for dowel pin and fastener locations.  Or mark the center of 1/2" stock with the 1/4" offset.

Machine Setups: Accuracy Beyond Just Square

Of course, the right triangle of the Bench Square can be used to set your saw to a perfect 90 or 45 setting.  But you can also stand the triangle on its straight edge and use the ruler markings to make height adjustments on the table saw and depth-of-cut adjustments on the router table.

Try Square, Miter Square and Protractor; Perfect Angles ...Every Time

Use the base and straight edge to quickly check for squareness or to lay out a straight line 90 to an edge.

You can easily lay out a 45 miter along the triangle's hypotenuse.  Plus, the hypotenuse edge has lines marked in 1 increments allowing you to lay out angled cuts by tilting the base at the pivot point to the desired angle.  There are also extra lines at 22.5 and 67.5 for octagonal construction.  Plus, common angles are marked both on the hypotenuse and at the cutouts providing 2 references.

Measuring & Marking: Precision Plus Convenience

With the base offsets you can scribe lines on adjoining faces as with a saddle square.  Both the 4" and 7" squares have a ruler with drilled holes every 1/8" along the straight edge.  With the point of a mechanical pencil in a hole you can smoothly slide the square along an edge to layout lines parallel to the edge.

Using the 45 cutouts in the squares you can quickly find the center of round (or square) stock by aligning the inside of base and straight edge of the square with the edges of the round stock.  A mark along the 45 cutout will go through the round stock center.  Do this twice so the lines cross to find the center.  Use the 4" square to find center on stock from 1.5" to 4.5" diameter and the 7" square on larger stock up to 8" diameter.

The bottom cutout on both squares is a ruler that can be used to mark an offset distance from the straight edge.  You can also find the center of a board by pivoting off the base to an easily divisible measurement on the straight edge then dividing by 2.

iGaging has reached a new level of craftsmanship with these excellent Bench Squares!  You'll feel confident as you use these squares to measure and cut your pieces meticulously and flawlessly.

Limited Time Offer
For a limited time, we are offering both squares as a set in a custom foam lined case for only $69.  And if you order a set now, we'll include a quality iGaging mechanical pencil with lead refills.  This offer is only available from Craftsman Gallery,

Bench Square Set