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Point 2 Point Layout Tool

Point 2 Point Layout Tool Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 35-650
Price: $22.00
Shipping Weight: 0.70 pounds

The New Point 2 Point™ Mk2 takes the hassle out of marking out jobs that need equal spacings. This tool saves a good deal of discomfort and time that you would spend with a calculator, tape measure and note pad. Quickly find the perfect sequence and spacings for a row of coat hooks, screws, nails, or dowels.

Equal Spacing Layout: For any job that leaves an exposed run of screw heads, nails, or even coat hooks.

Center Point Finder: Where’s the middle of a board? The central upright of the Point 2 Point™ instantly centers itself on boards up to 28 inches in width.

Layout Transfers: Set the Point to Point™ mechanism up to 5" between points and lock-in this setting. Then the layout can be transferred from board to board as many times as is required.

Calculating the number of components that can be extracted from a board: At the start of a project use the Point 2 Point™ as a visual guide to mark out prior to rough sawing.