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Quick Change Chucks

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Stop fighting router bit changes and start easily swapping bits with a quick-change chuck.  Tightening or loosening the chuck becomes a simple, one-handed operation — no need to lock the spindle and wrestle with a chuck wrench.  Once you use a quick-change chuck, you will want it on every router you own.

All the quick-change chucks thread directly onto your router’s existing spindle and accept 1/2 inch shanks. Both 1/4 inch and 8mm reducers (sold separately) are available.  ERC (Eliminator) chucks add about ½ inch to the length of your router’s spindle.  The extended length MC (Muscle chuck) adds another ½ inch, which makes more cutting length available when the router is mounted on Router Boss or in a table.

A 5/32-inch T-handle Allen wrench (sold separately) is needed to tighten or loosen the chuck. 

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