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Router Boss Digital

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This woodworking machine offers the most joint making capacity of any router based tool on the market. Forget the limitations of template-based jigs. There is no better or more versatile tool for making professional-grade joinery. Our digital models uniquely include an electronic digital scale (DRO) with a separate top-mounted LCD that displays cut location for repeatable precision positioning of cuts. Using the DRO with printed templates from our web-based design tools provides extreme cut accuracy. Plus, these digital models offer all of the great features of our standard version.

  • The router is right-side-up allowing full access
  • You can observe and control the cut as it happens
  • Scales, cursors, and precision stops position cuts accurately
  • A crank feed system transports the wood
  • Break-out free climb cuts safely made
  • Angled cuts are made effortlessly with machine guidance
  • Super simple mortising with the crank feed and our plunge assist
  • Unrestricted in your choice of cutters and wood dimensions
  • Create templates for your cuts on your computer
Two models from which to choose:
  • Model 470D with a 47" sliding bar work holder, 36" clamping capacity and 39" sliding bar travel
  • Model 420D with a 42" sliding bar work holder, 31" clamping capacity and 34" sliding bar travel
What's included:
  • Made in USA durable aluminum I-beam construction
  • Linear bearing sliding bar with a crank drive system
  • An aluminum cantilevered base plate that supports the router
  • A digital scale that displays cut location in mm, inch & fractions
  • Micro-adjuster for fine adjustments in cut position (470D only)
  • Acrylic router plate with dual laser crosshair & LED lights
  • Both fixed and variable angle guide rails
  • Sliding push button cam for clamping the workpiece
  • Inch/metric rules, cursors & storyboards for positioning cuts
  • Front & rear dust collection with shop vac hose connections
  • Extension wand for the rear dust port
  • 80-page user manual with joint-making examples and a DVD
  • Mounting cleats, plastic stops, and assembly tool

Compare with WoodRat 900.

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