Serious Woodworkers Need Serious Tools

It Doesn’t Get More Serious Than Router Boss.

Router Boss transforms your router into a professional-grade milling tool.  Capable of multiple woodworking tasks, including:

  • Mortises
  • Tenons
  • Grooves
  • Dadoes
  • Dovetails (all types)
  • Box joints
  • Raised panels
  • Miters

As a woodworker, precision in your work is an absolute must. Router Boss provides the unparalleled detail you’ve been looking for but unable to achieve with other tools.

Conceive It and Achieve It with Router Boss

With Router Boss, the only thing you’re limited by is your own creativity. You can streamline your productivity without worrying about confining templates, guide bushings or metal fingers. With Router Boss you focus on the woodworking project rather than the tool limitations.

Manage Dimensions from Every Angle

Joinery is where the rubber meets the road in woodworking. Like a 3-axis milling machine, variance in cutting direction and different angles is the key to Router Boss’ versatility. Router Boss allows modern woodworkers to create the same traditional joinery in their creations as master craftsmen from centuries past, but more quickly and easily using a power router instead of specialized hand tools.

Precision in guiding the router is the deciding factor between an amateur looking and professional grade piece. With Router Boss you have the best control possible to manage a clean cut in any dimension (on edge, face, or end of a board) mitigating the risk of mistakes or even injury.

Designed for ease of use as well as performing multiple functions, Router Boss will increase your productivity and satisfaction in all your woodworking projects.

Some of its unique features make Router Boss unlike any woodworking tool you’ve ever seen:

  • With the router right-side up, you have full access
  • You can observe and control the cut as it is made
  • Scales, cursors and precise stops position cuts accurately
  • The wood is safely transported by a crank feed system
  • Break-out free climb cuts are made safely
  • Angled cuts are made effortlessly with machine guidance
  • Super simple mortising with the crank feed and plunge assist
  • Unrestricted choice of cutters and wood dimensions
  • Computer created templates to guide your cuts

Router Boss Redefines Woodworking

Whether you are in business for yourself making custom furniture, or just a serious hobbyist who loves traditional woodworking, chances are you’ve spent a small fortune on tools that are limited in their scope and function.

Router Boss eliminates the need for the stockpile of woodworking tools you’ve accumulated over the years. Free up space in your work area, and rely on Router Boss’ versatility to master the joinery techniques you’ve been trying to replicate.

See Your Productivity Soar

Router Boss allows you to complete more woodworking projects faster, due to its nimble design and versatility. Use any bit, make any cut, and create any type of joinery cleanly and beautifully with Router Boss. Unclutter your valuable workspace and have more room for completed projects as the time you spend on any one piece is reduced.

See Your Cuts Clearly

Router Boss gives you clear visibility while your cuts are being made, unlike most jigs or router tables. This means less costly mistakes in materials and time wasted.

21st Century Innovation

Router Boss provides serious woodworkers the best of both worlds: cutting-edge technology to produce the same hand-hewn masterpieces our ancestors created.

A few of the latest technological innovations include:

  • LED lights to see work up close
  • Dual laser crosshairs to display the cut area without guesswork
  • Optional digital scales offer repeatable precision positioning
  • Web based design tools create precise cut patterns

Safer Than a Router Table

Woodworking requires vigilance when it comes to safety.  Router Boss firmly grips the wood you are working, and cuts can be made in any direction. Dust is minimal, due to collection behind and in front the bit. Safer than any router table, Router Boss gives you superior control, creativity, and design capabilities with less risk.

Take Your Woodworking to the Next Level 

If you’ve been looking for that one tool to take you to the next level in your woodworking, you’ve found it in Router Boss.

Call Lewis today or visit our web store to answer all your questions and to get your very own Router Boss! 


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