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Router Boss Features

Router Boss 420


Router Boss converts a router into a precise milling machine for wood. It can do mortises, tenons, grooves, dadoes, through and blind dovetails, box joints, raised panels, sliding dovetails and a whole lot more. It provides an unprecedented level of precision and versatility in working wood.


The magic of Router Boss is in the creative way that it lets you work. It offers you machine control without limiting your capabilities. There are no confining templates, guide bushings or metal fingers. If you can conceive it, Router Boss can help you do it easier, faster and with greater control.


Router Boss securely supports both the router and the wood. It allows you to manage a cut in any dimension (on the edge, face or end of a piece) cleanly and without risk of the wood being snatched out of your hand.

With a router table the router is upside down and the wood is hand fed through the cutter. With Router Boss the router is right way up and either the router is precisely guided through the cut or the wood, held on a sliding bar, is machine fed through the cutter. Scales and cursors on the machine face provide an accurate means for you to position cuts.

The sliding bar is connected by a wire and pulley system to a crank that can 'power feed' the wood either left or right through the cutter. This allows break-out free climb cuts. The wire and pulley system has no backlash - you let go of the crank and the wood stays put. Alternatively, you can position guide rails on either side of the router plate to guide the router across wood either perpendicular or at any angle in a 60 degree swing from minus 30 degrees to plus 30 degrees, starting and stopping the cut at any point.

With the router upright and accessible you can easily adjust the depth of cut using all the depthing features of your plunge router. With the optional Router Boss Plunge Assist Bar you have a quick and accurate depth control system.


No other router appliance on the market offers you the flexibility, simple elegance and creative control of a Router Boss. Most others perform one type of joinery and place limits on the bits you can use and cuts you can make. With Router Boss you can cut almost every joint in the book. You select the bit and you control the cut. You do not have to purchase expensive templates or doodads for the machine to work.

Unlike most jigs and router tables, with Router Boss you can see the cut while it is being made. An acrylic router plate and a wide slot in the Router Boss base plate results in excellent visibility.

You can cut to a line scribed on the wood, cut to a pattern drawn on the machine, use built-in scales and cursors or optional electronic digital scales to position cuts, set stops for repeatability, or use the built-in laser guide to position cuts. You are in control.


Router Boss offers more options, capacity, joint variations, and precision control than any other routing accessory or joinery machine on the market.


Router Boss fully integrates newer technologies. Included LEDs illuminate the work and a dual laser crosshair precisely indicates where a cut will be made. Optional digital scales with LCD displays provide repeatable precision positioning and operate to the full extent of machine capacity.

Whether you are a woodworking hobbyist or depend upon woodworking for a living, the Router Boss will not disappoint.

Why settle for special function jigs when you can own Router Boss?

The Engineering Specs...

%Ï 32” USA made I-beam channel (5.5” square, .25” thickness) with optional choice of 36”, 42” or 47” sliding bar for exceptional work holding capacity

%Ï Steel v-guides riding in UHMWPE v-grooves provide low friction glide surface for sliding bar and are adjustable to remove any play

%Ï 2” by 8” aluminum fixed fence and a moveable fence with play removal feature to provide rock solid clamping of work pieces

%Ï Cam for moveable fence has 3 spring loaded pawls to firmly lock into saw tooth rack, but with easy push button release

%Ï 3.25” crank handle powers wire/pulley drive system to provide either 28”, 34” or 39” of sliding bar travel with no backlash

%Ï Wire tension adjuster works with manufactured connectors on ends of wire to tighten wire drive tension without twisting or fraying the wire

%Ï 5” by 1.25” integrated dust collection chute behind bit has 2.5” (63mm) standard shop vacuum hose connection

%Ï Available front side dust collection chute with 2.5” hose connection and magnetic attachment under base plate

%Ï 3 t-tracks in channel plus 2 in sliding bar accept oval nuts and either 5mm, #10 or 1/4” screws for attachment of jigs and accessories

%Ï Aluminum base plate with wide center cut-out provides strong router support and excellent visibility of cut

%Ï 3/4” MDF riser plate for increased depth of cut plus a hog bristle brush and an attachable pair of fences with adjustable opening that together provide router table capability for hand feeding work piece against bit (profiling)

%Ï Acrylic router plate with built-in dual laser crosshair, 2 LED lights and battery pack, illuminates work piece and indicates center of cut – plate pre-drilled for DeWalt 625 with adjustment to align bit center with crosshair

%Ï Available plunge assist bars for DeWalt and other popular routers – bars integrate with router plate and do not occupy router edge guide holes that are needed for stop rod used with precision stop and z-axis digital scale

%Ï 3 piece router guide rails provide a means to guide router at a variable angle with positive angle stops every degree between +/- 10° or, with base plate repositioning, between +/- 30° – mating dovetail pins and sockets are cut without interchange of guide rails insuring that joints will align correctly

%Ï Available 1 piece aluminum router guide rails provide t_tracks for stops

%Ï Available micro-adjustable stop that rides in guide rail t-tracks with included 10mm stop rod that fits into router edge guide hole - a quarter turn of the adjustment head equals 1/4mm or 1/100"

%Ï Built-in rulers (no stickers) for positioning guide rails for proper dovetail pin thickness – ruler positioning is variable allowing calibration

%Ï 2 12” (300mm) repositionable rulers on face of machine with both fractional inch and metric readings plus 2 cursors that can be positioned on sliding bar t-tracks to read the rulers – the rulers, or pencil lines drawn on machine face using the cursors, can be used to position cuts on boards up to 24” wide

%Ï Available x axis (left/right) electronic digital scale with separate top mounted LCD display can precisely position cuts on boards up to 39” wide – large display reads in mm or in both decimal inch and fractions (32nd, 64th or 128th) with greater than/less than indictor for fractions

%Ï Available z axis (front/rear) and y axis (vertical) digital scales with mm, decimal inch and fractional inch LCD display

%Ï Available 31” by 7” adjustable height/tilt mortising platform with 5 t-tracks and 2 vice clamps/stops that mount 2 ways – 5” cutout in fence for crosscut operations and v-slot in fence for round object clamping

%Ï Available 15” wide work holder for vertical and horizontal clamping of work piece at single/compound angles with a quick adjust friction clamp plus positive stops on face plate for popular angles – includes 4 t-tracks for jig mounts such as a wooden shop made rail with toggle clamps


Router Boss was introduced at the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) in August 2008

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