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Snap-Check PRO

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SNAP-CHECK PRO Will Save You Time and Money in Your Shop.  Its innovative design is so easy to set up and use compared to traditional dial indicators. With SNAP-CHECK PRO precision machine setups are fast, easy, and accurate. Snap-Check PRO features a large, easy to read dial indicator that measures up to 2 inches in three different scales; a 1/1000 of an inch scale, a 1/64 of an inch scale, and a 1/100 of an inch scale. All scales are synchronized on the dial. You’ll be amazed at shop-time you'll save setting up equipment that delivers the results you want.

SNAP-CHECK PRO Makes Router Table, Table Saw, and Jointer Setups A SNAP!  You’ll reach for your SNAP-CHECK PRO every time you need a precise measurement. You’ll quickly lock-in exact fence and bit settings on your router table. At the table saw, dial in perfect settings for saw blade and dado stack plus check for blade run out and if the fence is parallel to blade. At the jointer, SNAP-CHECK PRO makes the dreaded task of setting jointer knives sooo much more manageable, plus you’ll get a precise depth of cut settings like never before.  

SNAP-CHECK PRO Has Great Features. With Snap-Check PRO's unique fine adjustment knob, you can set both scale needles to zero and then read your measurements in both decimal inch and fractional inch at the same time. Two moveable markers can be set to record a range of movement. The solid machined aluminum body with powerful base magnets provides a stable tool platform leaving your hands free to make machine adjustments. The dial indicator head can rotate a full 360-degrees making it easy to see readings during any setup operation. SNAP-CHECK PRO also comes standard with three anvil tips: a flat and an extended flat tip for stationary objects plus a ball tip for moving objects. And with SNAP-CHECK PRO, no batteries are required.

 SNAP-CHECK PRO is the latest precision measuring instrument from iGAGING, the leader in innovative, affordable, measuring tools.

Order Your SNAP-CHECK PRO today.  It’s a steal at just $39.95.

LEARN MORE! Watch the SNAP-CHECK PRO video plus read the Operating Instructions.

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