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SNAP Thickness Gauge

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Unlike rulers, squares and other measurement tools that rely on engraved scales or your ability to see a crack of light, the readout window on a digital tool displays a large, easy-to-read, single number.  This pocket-sized digital gauge with a large, easy-to-read digital window will find dozens of uses in your shop.  Precisely measure wood, plywood, or veneer thickness.  Accurately determine drill bit diameter, router bit size, dado stack width, tenon thickness, dowel diameter, or fastener size.

Even though this tool will easily slip into your pocket, it’s rich in features woodworkers appreciate.  The large digital window displays readings in numbers a half-inch tall, perfect for aging eyes.  The gauge is ergonomically designed, so it’s easy to grip and put your thumb in just the right place to actuate the silky smooth, spring-loaded stainless steel plunger.

You can toggle through your choice of display readings; in fractions-of-inch to 1/64”, thousandths-of-inch or, for metric fans, millimeters to two decimal places. Zero the gauge with the push of a button.  It even has an Absolute (ABS) feature so you can quickly find the size difference between two objects without doing the math.  It turns itself off after a few minutes to preserve battery life.

Measuring Range: 0 - 1"
Reading 0.0005" /0.01mm /64th
Accuracy +/- 0.0015"
Flat & Ball Anvils
Battery 3V CR2032

Put the SNAP Thickness Gauge to work in your shop

I just received my Snap Thickness Gauge. It is a miracle to me. I am 86years old and an avid craftsman. My shop is littered with loose drill bits, hex tools, and all unidentified without a magnification lens. With your Snap tool, I can identify the size of these tools instantly. 
Mort Leitner

Hi, Just got one, worth every penny and more. Thanks. Steve H.

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