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T-track Knuckle Clamp

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The Knuckle T-track Clamp offers excellent reach and 360°adjustability. Designed for maximum rigidity, it fits most 1/4" T-Track, including our Mortise Table and Multi-angle Work Holder plus the T-Track of many other manufacturers. It gets its name from the seven circular pivot points that provide a wide range of positions for the clamp's locking knob. A pair of flat, pivoting feet padded with molded rubber allows you to apply even, targeted pressure to lock down the workpiece without marring its surface.

Installation is simple, the head of a 1/4-20 hex bolt (included) slides in the T-slot. The hex bolt extends up through the clamp and is secured with a knob. You can set it anywhere along the track, spin it in any direction and clamp material up to 2” thick.

From Woodpeckers

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